New Adult · Romance · Young Adult

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Would you rather know a truth that makes you feel hopeless, or keep believing the lies? Colleen Hoover returns with the spellbinding story of two young people with devastating pasts who embark on a passionate, intriguing journey to discover the lessons of life, love, trust – and above all, the healing power that only truth… Continue reading Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Sci-fi / Fantasy · Young Adult

Birth: The Exquisite Sound of One Hand Falling Off a Turnip Truck by S.T. Gulik

The onslaught of nine dimensional colors faded back into the identifiable spectrum as tiny pinpricks of the great illusion reclaimed Max’s mind, one molecule at a time. The pressure that had been propelling him through the cosmos was letting up, and the subsequent decrease in velocity destroyed his footing in the multiverse. Soon he was… Continue reading Birth: The Exquisite Sound of One Hand Falling Off a Turnip Truck by S.T. Gulik

Young Adult

The Last Night by Heather Kirchhoff

Silence rang all around me as I sat back, alone. I stared out the small window as the silver moonlight shined into my bedroom, brightening the picture I had pushed down in my anger. I tore my gaze away, tears rushing down my cheeks without my permission. I clutched a soft pillow against my chest… Continue reading The Last Night by Heather Kirchhoff

Horror · Young Adult

Frenzy by Casey L. Bond

Mother wore her manipulative face this morning, my least favorite. She blew out a long breath, filling the air with the rancid scents of disappointment and aggravation. That was her modus operandi: out with the bad, in with the good. But Miranda Grant never found enough good. She could never inhale enough hope or contentment… Continue reading Frenzy by Casey L. Bond

Sci-fi / Fantasy · Young Adult

Topaz: The Sandar Saga by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Everyone in the queendom was anxious. Her Majesty had not taken her medicine. The main subject of conversation, albeit whispered, was the possible effects once all the ingredients from the month before had left her body. Was she going to wrinkle or shrivel? Would she change into another creature or worse, would she die? That… Continue reading Topaz: The Sandar Saga by Suzy Stewart Dubot