Fantasy · Suspense · Thriller

The Road Past Oz by Peter Jacob Streitz

Shields Tarry is a corporate executive teetering on the precipice of overwhelming success, but the more his accomplishments are trumpeted the less he can bear the bawls of acclaim. Because as he insists–in this era of inescapable tumult–nothing that really changes you “Arrives as a wham! It comes in a low, derisive whisper.” A wholly… Continue reading The Road Past Oz by Peter Jacob Streitz

Crime · Mystery · Suspense · Thriller

The Bigamist by Mary Turner Thomson

It was a Wednesday morning – a damp, grey April day – and my three young children were starting to play up. They needed to get out of the house, so I decided on a trip to the library to get some fresh air and some new picture books to entertain them. While trying to… Continue reading The Bigamist by Mary Turner Thomson

Family Life · Romance · Suspense

The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

Would you risk everything for the man you loved? Even if you knew he’d done something terrible? Lara’s life looks perfect on the surface. Gorgeous doting husband Massimo, sweet little son Sandro and the perfect home. Lara knows something about Massimo. Something she can’t tell anyone else or everything he has worked so hard for… Continue reading The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

Romance · Suspense

Milli by Alexandra Iff

(in an airplane) “Your fear of flying is unreasonable.” My heartbeat is drumming like crazy and all I want is some peace in my head. Everything is fusing together, it’s deafening. “What are you going to do about it?” I yell. The machines make a loud whirling sound, and the plane start driving forward, accelerating… Continue reading Milli by Alexandra Iff

Humor · Suspense

Leap of Faith by ML Rodriguez

“You having fun, baby?” He whispers in my ear and I feel chills go down my body. His normal voice is so smooth, so manly, so him. His whisper is all that and so much more, almost taking me over the edge. Oh, God! “Mmmm hmmm,” I softly reply, turning and leaning my head back… Continue reading Leap of Faith by ML Rodriguez

Romance · Suspense

Cutting Through the Darkness by Ivy Love

A feeling of release and euphoria shoots through my body as the blade slides across my wrist. The pain that has consumed me for days is finally ridding itself from my body. The blood that trickles down my hand is insignificant compared to the sense of calm that is finally sweeping through my body. It’s… Continue reading Cutting Through the Darkness by Ivy Love

Romance · Suspense

Skin Deep by A.J. Daniels

You don’t have to do this, Ashley, she tells herself. Just walk out the door and go to Kat’s. She’ll help you disappear. All you have to do is walk out the door and tell her everything that’s happened. But out of fear Ashley doesn’t move from straddling Adam’s lap. Fear that he’ll never let… Continue reading Skin Deep by A.J. Daniels