Paranormal · Thriller

Awaken the Dead by Holly Copella

A grieving innkeeper struggles to keep her haunted hotel out of foreclosure. After losing her parents in a suspicious boating accident, Harley Brandon is determined to keep the family hotel out of foreclosure. Unfortunately, the hotel ghosts have other plans. Built with tainted money, the century old Horizon Hotel thrives on a tradition of murder,… Continue reading Awaken the Dead by Holly Copella

Paranormal · Romance

Fire in The Moon by JF Holland

She watched Ronald walk away and head behind the bar, which meant Balin once again focused on her – his eyes heating as she twisted and turned before him. She thought of her home, the one she’d hopefully be able to return to once this mess was over. Maybe once the threat to them had… Continue reading Fire in The Moon by JF Holland

Erotica · Paranormal · Thriller

Why we don’t die in Dreams by Debbie Zello

“Home, sweet, home,” I say, entering my apartment. I walk to the bedroom to shed my suit. I throw on black silk lounge pants, no shirt. I’m starving, so I get to the kitchen to make my dinner. It’s almost ready when my phone rings. I look to see who it is and smile answering… Continue reading Why we don’t die in Dreams by Debbie Zello

Paranormal · Romance

Moon Sworn by JF Holland

“Ouch, you pig. What did you do that for?” “See, not unconscious somewhere. You were born for me, you belong to me, and this mark proves it.” She shook her head, and he took hold of her face; holding her head still between his large palms, giving her no choice, but to look at him.… Continue reading Moon Sworn by JF Holland